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Who is opinion4money.com?

Since early 2010 we have been building our company to connect ordinary people like you to paid focus groups. We keep it simple, we make it easy and we get you paid.

What are focus groups?

Focus Groups are demographically diverse group of people assembled to participate in a guided discussion about a particular product before it is launched, or to provide ongoing feedback on a political campaign, television series, etc.

Online focus groups offer the convenience of letting people participate from the comfort of their homes or offices, and they allow the study to pull from a nationwide sample versus a localized market sample. A moderator will lead the discussion, and participants are able to see other participants through their webcams. The moderator can upload prompts and stimulus materials to aid in the discussion.

In a typical focus group, you’ll join with 6-12 people to give your opinion pretty much everything and anything including music, politics toiletries, skin care products, cars, televisions etc…

You will be asked a series of questions and your answers and opinions will actually impact the future course of the world. The best part is you get paid! The second-best part is we connect you to the groups and studies that are happening virtually or in person. You just need to join

How Much Do I Get Paid?

The average payday is about $100 for a 60-minute study but the pay can range from $50 to $500 depending on the complexity of the focus group. Of course, every focus group is a little different and you can expect different compensation.

How do I get selected?

Sometimes you will and sometime you won’t. I assure you the more information you can give us during registration the better chance you will have of being chosen. We find the groups who are looking for very specific participants whether that be based on certain ages, ethnicities, skill sets, jobs, salaries, medical conditions etc…

How do you contact me if I am selected?

We typically email you a questionnaire once we have a study. We also post to our social feeds and if we need to we will call you as well. Be sure to keep your information up to date and accurate with opinion4money.com.

How do I get Paid – Redemption Options?

Opinion4money.com pays you via Paypal, Venmo or a check for successful completion of the paid market research studies. All of our registrants are paid by opinion4money.com on the first Friday after you have finished and we have confirmation of your completion of the study.

Do We Require Any Personal Information?

Opinion4money does NOT require you to provide any information such as Social Security or information on your banks or credit cards.

Please note that your participation in every one of our study’s is completely voluntarily. This means if you feel uncomfortable with a study or the information they are asking for you may choose not to participate. This decision will not have effect on your continued membership with opinion4money.com.

Why Am I Not Getting Picked for Focus Groups?

Our goal at opinion4money.com is to fit round pegs in round holes for you and our focus groups. Unfortunately, not everyone who starts the initiation process will qualify and make it through to the paid focus group. Your eligibility is determined by how quickly you respond and how you answer several questions at the beginning of the study. The groups fill fast so be ready!

How can I make sure I have the best chance to be selected?

Fill out all the information as detailed as possible! We cannot stress enough the importance of taking your time and registering all your details. We use your information to connect you to the paid focus groups. The more complete your profile, the better chance you have to make money$$$.

Why Am I Being Asked To Provide Information I’ve Already Answered?

With anything in life the more accurate the data the better the outcome. At opinion4money we connect you to the paid focus groups. Your participation and our database of participants is used to help identify and qualify if you are good fit for a study. We do not share all of your information with the focus groups so they may ask some basic repetitive questions again.

Look at it this way; if you tell us you’re a teacher and the focus group later validates you are a financial broker that’s a big problem for everyone. The quality and honesty of your responses during registration is critical for your success and ours too.

How Long Do Your Study’s Actually Take To Complete?

A variety of factors may affect how long it actually takes you to complete a study. Things like your internet connection or PC or MC may have an impact. We will give you a heads up in the email about how long we think it will take. Remember we are paying you.

How do I ensure I never miss a study invitation?

To ensure you never miss an email invitation from us, you should add recruiting@opinion4money.com to your personal email’s trusted or safe sender list.

You should also look at for our social feeds, check the website and keep you phone lines open.